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Nothing Down Bankruptcy !
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Most of the bankruptcies I file don't require any up-front legal fees. The client only has to pay the Court fees, the credit bureaus for a credit report and for the on-line class. ($326 total for an individual, $346 for a couple)

*Don't get me wrong, I get paid and paid well, but it is through the bankruptcy process, not directly from my clients and pursuant to a Bankruptcy Court Order. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for and you will pay our office well over time. Here is my philosophy: If our office files you in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and saves you enormous amounts of money, wipes out all or most of your unsecured debt and gives you a repayment plan that really works, then we get paid. If we don't and you don't succeed, we don't get paid. The payment is tied directly to the client's success. You win, we win. Here are some other reasons for not taking any money up front:

  • Not paying attorney fees up front can save you money if you are an above-median income Debtor.
  • Stopping a garnishment, rather than waiting to file until you have attorney fees will save you money.
  • Filing quickly can get back repossessed vehicles that would otherwise be lost because you couldn't afford to file.

There are occasions where it makes more sense to pay all or most of the attorney fees up front. Bottom line -- and all money stuff is about the bottom line -- make sure you talk to the attorney and compare the cost to savings and don't worry as much about what the attorney fees are. This is the most important formula:

Amount of Debt Owed > Attorney Fees

Click on the "Read More" Button and I'll give some concrete examples.

3 Reasons For Filing Bankruptcy

I'm a psychic.  Not really, but seeing the same thing over and over again makes it an easy guess that anyone sitting across from me in the client chair has had at least one of three things happen to them.

1.  Lost Job or Income*

2.  Divorce or Domestic Problems*

3.  Health or Medical Issues*

*If you click on that little "Read More" button, I'll go into the three reasons in more detail, but if you are reading this, 100 to 1 odds that one of these three things have happened to you.  Like I said, I'm psychic.

Text Me Your Troubles


"My attorney never calls me back" is a common complaint. One complaint you never hear is "My attorney won't text me back."

801-513-FILE (3453) This is our office text number. Using state of the art, Google Voice, we text all of our clients.

Text has the benefit of getting right to the point, being instantaneous and the information is available to you when you want it to be, rather than wait for schedules to coincide, communication is ongoing and text based -- and most importantly in your pocket.

Click on Read More for More About Google Voice.
I Hate Paperwork


No one likes paperwork.  I hate paperwork, especially for my clients.  If you are paying our office to do your bankruptcy, then shouldn't we be the ones getting the 60 or 70 pages ready for the Court?  The standard practice for most attorneys is to give their clients a packet the size of War and Peace to fill out that is filled with questions like "Do you have a contingent or non-contingent interest in the estate of a decedent?"   Huh?  The concientious client calls and asks.  The confused client might just ignore the question and not answer.  Either way it takes a lot of time and creates the possiblity of error, confusion or mistakes.

I had a brilliant idea about ten years ago and my office has done it ever since.  First, we get the necessary supporting documents.  Then we have a real live person ask you the questions in language you can understand.  Simple, easy and accurate.

Click "Read Below"  and you'll have a complete list of everything you will need to file bankruptcy.


Avoiding Creditor Asteroids

asteroidsBankruptcy is a lot like playing the old Atari video game Asteroids.  The analogy isn't exact.  Unlike the uncontrollable little triangle space ship, most of my clients don't have an ulimited supply of bullets (cash) to kill off their creditors, but the strategy in playing the bankruptcy game is the same as playing Asteroids (or for the younger crowd -- any video game with levels).

In the Bankruptcy game, we have two main tools to help you wipe out all the Creditor Asteroids.  Chapter 7 is the red button on the Joystick that blows up all the asteroids on the screen.


Chapter 13 is the high tech circle around your spaceship that allows you to pick off the Creditor Asteroids without getting killed.  Now, if you've ever played the game the important strategy is to make sure as many as possible of the asteroids are on the screen before you push the red button.  Push it too soon and the Asteroids will swarm and kill you.
Required Disclosures: The Bankruptcy Firm is a debt relief agency, helping individuals to file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. This website is intended to provide general information and is not intended to serve as legal advice regarding specific factual situations. Information should not be acted upon without personal legal advice. Neither viewing the information on our site, nor sending us an e-mail establishes an attorney-client relationship.

Click on Read More for Bankruptcy Game Strategy.
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