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E. Kent Winward -- Attorney


A Little Bit On My Philosophy

The Law can be a pretty mean thing.  The job of the attorney is to inform you of what the law will do and use the law to get the results you are entitled to under the statutes.  The Law is also a human endeavor and like all human endeavors it is flawed.  We have human judges, human creditors (sometimes), human clients and of course, human attorneys.  All of us have the capacity to screw up.  I think the key component to being a great attorney is compassion, not perfection.


I've been practicing law, for the most part, since 1989.  I've been doing bankruptcy work since the beginning and exclusively since the late 1990s.  Bankruptcy law is one place where the law provides immediate relief and I get a lot of personal enjoyment and fulfillment in watching the burden of debt lift off my client's shoulders.  

Oh, and given my age, I try at least once a year to get back on the rugby pitch and hit a few people.  Compassion is the key attribute for an attorney, but a little aggression doesn't hurt either.



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