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Although Everything's Changed...

Nothing's Changed at The Bankruptcy Firm


However, the impact of COVID-19 has changed many things and this is the challenge we're facing here together with you, our clients.  

We're still here, committed to helping you resolve your financial issues because we know how frightening all this instability can be in people's lives, especially if you add financial stress. Maybe simply being confined to your house has you unnecessarily worried about all the financial impact this is having on your work or your family’s income.  Every person has their own story. 

 The COVID-19 virus doesn't care about your financial status, but we do and we're prepared. So, I'd like to take the opportunity to highlight four important points that  impact us and you, our current and potential clients.




We've already heard from  several clients who are dealing with health concerns on top of serious financial burdens and many people can't wait--they must file immediately. Our office has been filing cases throughout the last week and  while the courts have slowed down, garnishments can still take vital portions of paychecks and income, creating undue hardship and even more stress on you and your families.   

Here at the Bankruptcy Firm, we've been taking measures, long before this virus hit, to accommodate and handle the unforeseeable, and we were already set up to handle most tasks remotely and electronically, including filing cases.  



As per the CDC and other trusted agencies, in order to stop the spread of the virus and end the harm it's causing we must do something that does not come natural to any of us--stay away from other people.  Part of the challenge we face as your legal team is figuring out how to continue to provide the level of service our clients need, while protecting them at the same time.  

Our office is set up to run remotely for both attorneys and our entire staff, so whether we are in the office or not, we're here to represent your needs and answer any questions or concerns you have. We've arranged to have clients come into the office  for video conferencing when necessary and we have key staff members there at all times during working business hours to handle anything that must be done in-office. We're also working to avoid appointment-overlap to ensure we all remain healthy and well.  

Right now, the Bankruptcy Rules require us to have actual signatures, rather than electronic signatures, which means we may need to make some effort to obtain actual signatures from you, but even this can be done remotely if you have a printer and a stamp.  We are making every effort to ensure our office is clean and follows health department guidelines for protection against the COVID-19 virus. 


What can you do to help?

  • Email or fax documents rather than bring them in.  

  • Don’t have email?  Take a picture and text it to 801-513-3453

  • Schedule phone appointments or video conferencing if you can

  • Keep us informed of what you are concerned about by text messages to 801-513-3453

  • If you need to come into the office, please text or call first.  

  • Don’t come in if you or an immediate family member living with you has a fever, cough, or other symptoms.

  • Please be patient with us. While we have been vigilant and have worked to make this difficult process smoother, it was and is impossible to fully prepare for every contingency. As we’ve tried to adjust to the unique needs and challenges of this public health crisis, there have been some growing pains and some missed or dropped balls.   We're doing our best to get them picked up and rolling again as quickly as possible. 


Lost job? Lost income? Have you or your family fallen ill? These are the very reasons that the bankruptcy laws are in place to help you deal with your debt when times get rough.  

In case you hadn’t noticed, times just got rough for a lot of people.  Things were already tight for many of you. Just last July almost 40% of American households reported that they would struggle to come up with $400 in an emergency.  The emergency is now here. 

While we are in the midst of this, we can't be  certain how the economic fallout will impact everyone. As stated before, every person has their own story and circumstances.   After over 30-years working with people in financial distress, I know many of you will be hurt by this crisis.  

Please don't wait. Financial stress adds to physical stress and we all need to stay as healthy as we can. Don't allow too many sleepless nights before you reach out for help. It's why we're here. Contact us for a free phone or video consultation so we can discuss what options are available to you and assist you in planning for the future, which feels even more uncertain than ever.. At the Bankruptcy Firm, we're working to assure your financial health and safety don’t succumb to the virus. 




If you are already a client and in a Chapter 13 case, here are answers to some common questions we receive, even without a public health crisis.


  • "Can I keep my stimulus check?"

    • The law that provides for the stimulus check also excluded it as income for currently filed Chapter 13 cases. 

  • "What if I can’t make my payment?"

    • It's okay--stay calm and let us know, preferably by text: 801-513-3453

    • If you need help stopping a payment on TFS, text or call us at 801-513-3453


  • "What happens if I miss or don't make a payment?"

    • Depending on your case, the impacts vary but there are always  options. If you must miss a payment, the law already gives us ways to help you. And if you're dealing with  lost work or loss of income due to the coronavirus, we are already set up to help.  

    • The bankruptcy law has been modified to allow us to give you more time in a Chapter 13 if you have missed work or income due to Covid-19 job or income loss.  Contact us for an appointment if you would like to discuss your options.

  • "What if I get new debt because of COVID-19?"

    • Same thing as if you miss a payment, we still have all the legal options that were available before the virus and there may be even more options later.

  • "What if I have a question about my case and you didn't address it here?"

    • Text me the question at 801-513-3453 and I will add it here, making sure to maintain your privacy. Your question might help someone else sleep better tonight, so please don't hesitate.


Please stay informed and take care of yourself and your families.




Kent, Sieben, Wendy, Dave, Tim, and Aubrianna

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