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Abraham O. Smoot, VII (Sieben)


I have been working with Kent for approximately 5 years now. While we’re casual in dress and demeanor, we’re anything but casual when it comes to getting our clients the best bang for their buck.


Representing clients is not my only pass-time, however. I love playing competitive volleyball. There are few things as satisfying as a perfectly timed spike that smashes the ball into the ground with the full weight of your swing behind it.

I also love the sense of control that comes from placing a volleyball, or a creditor, exactly where you want them.


Oh and about my name, when you are the seventh in a patriarchal lineage, a nickname is almost necessary.  At an early age, I was given the nickname of 7, but in German.  That is why I go by Sieben -- it sounds like Steven, but it's not.  





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