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HAMP Paperwork


We often receive documents relating to HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program)  on behalf of our clients.  


Most loan modifications can be accomplished by you working directly with your mortgage company and providing them with the required information.  The loan modification is not required legally, but rather something the bank does voluntarily.  Because of this we do not represent clients in handling loan modifications because the cost would be much more than the benefit you would receive.  You don't want to pay for specialized legal skills, when none are required.  


Our advice, if you want to get a loan modification, is be extremely persistent.  Keep copies of everything you send (and be ready to send them again.)  Sometimes getting the terms of the loan changed is the only way to make your home affordable (thus, the government's name for the program). 


Good luck.  Send us any questions or input in the form below.  

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