Chapter 13 Rentals

Getting a rental property can be a real hassle when you are in a Chapter 13.  The biggest problem is that property management companies are scared of bankruptcy because they don't understand it.  As legal counsel for our clients who are in Chapter 13, we have found a couple of property management companys that are willing to work directly with our clients or any other people who are in Chapter 13s.


The most recent addition to our list is Woodman Property Holdings, LLC.  Call Gabe at 916-990-3929 or Andrew at 801-821-8166.

Another company is Secure Property Managment.  Anna Lusk is the agent in charge of rentals and she understands why it can be difficult when you are in a Chapter 13.  Call her and she can check on availability.  Her number is 801-668-3070.


If you are a property management company and want to be listed as Chapter 13 friendly, let us know and we will add you to our list of wise and savvy property management companies.  Also, if you are a client and have a landlord that is Chapter 13 friendly, please let us know.