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I Hate Paperwork

No one likes paperwork.  I hate paperwork, especially for my clients.  If you are paying our office to do your bankruptcy, then shouldn't we be the ones getting the 60 or 70 pages ready for the Court?  The standard practice for most attorneys is to give their clients a packet the size of War and Peace to fill out that is filled with questions like "Do you have a contingent or non-contingent interest in the estate of a decedent?"   Huh?  The conscientious client calls and asks.  The confused client might just ignore the question and not answer.  Either way it takes a lot of time and creates the possibility of error, confusion or mistakes.


I had a brilliant idea about twenty years ago and my office has done it ever since.  First, we get the necessary supporting documents.  Then we have a real live person ask you the questions in language you can understand.  Simple, easy and accurate.


Here is everything we will need.





Bankruptcy Checklist
Provide All Applicable Documents
Text 801-513-3453 to set up a Client Portal

Identifying Documents

❏ Picture ID 

❏ Social Security Card or W-2 with Social Security Number  

Four Years of Tax Returns

If you haven't filed or it is too early to file, we will help you know how that impacts your case. 

❏ 2023 IRS Tax Return 

❏ 2022 IRS Tax Return

❏ 2021 IRS Tax Return

❏ 2020 IRS Tax Return

❏ 2023 State Tax Return 

❏ 2022 State Tax Return

❏ 2021 State Tax Return

❏ 2020 State Tax Return

Proof of Income

❏ Last 7 months of pay stubs from ALL employment.

❏ Last 7 months Profit and Loss Statements for ANY businesses you operate

❏ Unemployment in the last twelve months

❏ Child Support/Alimony since 2022

❏ Social Security/Disability since 2022

❏ Food Stamps since 2022

❏ Retirement income since 2022

❏ Any other sources of Income in the last 12 months

Proof of Assets

❏ County property tax assessment for ALL real property (land or mobile home)

❏ Vehicle Titles if the bank doesn't have them

❏ Bank statement showing the balance on the day we file.

(Online Login and Password Information or phone app is the easiest way to do this.)

❏ Bank account number and bank routing number

❏ Any on-line assets: Venmo, PayPal, RobinHood, Cryptocurrencies

❏ Any Health Savings Account with balance

Proof of Expenses


❏ Proof of Tithing/Charity > $200 Cash  ( login and password also work.)

❏ Divorce Decree

❏ Court papers received in the last year, especially any garnishment papers 

❏ 401(k) or retirement loan documentation showing pay off date

❏ Ongoing Rent to Own Contracts or Leases

❏ Any automobile contracts that won't be paid through the bankruptcy

Proof of Debts

❏ Credit Report ($40 for one person, $65 for a couple -- needed for Bankruptcy Noticing Addresses and to appease the Credit Bureau Gods)

It is extremely helpful if you can have the money to pull credit at your first meeting with the attorney, but it is not necessary. 

❏ Any Creditors Not On Your Credit Report: Name, Address & Approximate Amount Owed

Class --- MANDATORY Must be done before the case can be filed.

❏ Certificate for pre-bankruptcy filing case ($25.00) -- this class is not timed and you can do it as fast as you want.

or you can take the timed class at at and use the attorney code 96868 for $18.00.

The difference between the two is that can be completed with an on-line chat, while requires a phone call to complete the class.


Court Filing Fees

❏  Chapter 13 $313.00 filing fee (Cash) or $325.00 (Card)  OR

❏  Chapter 7 $338 filing fee (Cash) or $350.00 (Card)

Attorney Fees

The "No Down Bankruptcy" is about the attorney fees. While we don't require any attorney fees up front, there are circumstances where it is in our client's best interest to pay some attorney fees prior to filing, particularly in Chapter 7.  We also understand that if you had a big chunk of cash hanging around you probably wouldn't be needing our services. 


Get us the documents, bankruptcy noticing credit report ($40 or $65), the required class certificate, court filing fees, time to get the paperwork finished, and we can get you filed and stop all the collection calls, repos, and foreclosures.


If you are worried about fees, come in and talk to us to explore your options -  the initial consultation is FREE.


That is it.  Bring those documents and we can have a bankruptcy case number for you in two hours or less.


Read here to understand why it is important to consult with an attorney, preferably us.


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