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Chapter 7 Versus Chapter 13


How To Play Asteroids


Bankruptcy is a lot like playing the old Atari video game Asteroids.  The analogy isn't exact. Unlike the uncontrollable little triangle space ship, most of my clients don't have an ulimited supply of bullets (cash) to kill off their creditors, but the strategy in playing the bankruptcy game is the same as playing Asteroids (or for the younger crowd -- any video game with levels).


In the Bankruptcy game, we have two main tools to help you wipe out all the Creditor Asteroids.


Chapter 7 is the red button on the Joystick that blows up all the asteroids on the screen.


Chapter 13 is that high tech circle around your spaceship that allows you to pick off the Creditor Asteroids without getting killed.  


Now, if you've ever played the game the important strategy is to make sure as many as possible of the asteroids are on the screen before you push the red button.  Push it too soon and the Asteroids will swarm and kill you.


Playing any game helps when you understand all of the rules and how the rules will be interpreted by the referee, umpire or the internal video game magic.  The law isn't really any different.   In Bankruptcy, we have two sets of rules -- the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules.  The judge is the ultimate referee.  As your attorney, our job is to guide you through the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rules and get the best results possible, but first I have to know what type of game we are playing and what kind of results you want.


Filing Bankruptcy is a big deal and not something you should take lightly.  The law is designed to give people who owe money the opportunity for a fresh start, but the results you get will vary on the amount of effort and time put into determining what the best way will be to play the Bankruptcy Game.


If you want to just play Asteroids for old time's sake, go here.

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