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2012 Articles

Know the law; avoid the guys with the guns

January 20, 2012

“Do you know what I did today?” I asked my friend, Wallace Lee (now Judge Lee of the 6th District Court).


Wally was a fellow attorney and we had been practicing law together for some time, but he would still trust what I said.


“No, what did you do today?” he replied.


“I wrote a note asking for money. I got a couple of guys with guns and gave them the note. I sent them to the bank and they took the money I asked for in my note. They brought it to me and I got away with it,” I gleefully told him. . .

Foreclosure epidemic affects families, businesses, city services

March 15, 2013

My wife has a melodrama that she performs using her index finger as the lone prop. The heroine is represented by a high squeaky voice and the index finger placed on my wife's head like a bow. The villain banker has the index finger for a mustache. The hero has the deep voice and a bow tie. . . .

Justice is supposed to be impartial, but court system is limited

March 23, 2012

Justice is blind. The iconic statue of the goddess shows Justice, her scales swaying, the sword at her side ready to strike and her eyes masked by a blindfold. The scales are there to represent the balancing of the facts and the law, the sword for the punishment and the blindfold for impartiality. . . .

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