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Why Turnips Don't Need to File

There is the cliche -- "You can't get blood out of a turnip." Yet as with most cliches, there is some truth. Before you file bankruptcy, you need to ask yourself -- Am I a Turnip? Here is the test:

1. Do I have any non-exempt assets?

2. Do I have anything that can be garnished -- wages or savings?

3. Do you have any secured loans that could be repossessed?

If you answered "No" to these questions, then you are a Super Turnip and probably don't need to file.

Your creditors can shoot at you, beat you with a stick or do any number of awful things -- and they can't hurt you. No blood will flow. No money will be lost. You are invincible. You are Super Turnip. You will not bleed blood or money. You can probably can wait to file. The only thing that can make you vulnerable to your creditors is that green Kryptonite -- money. And use this letter if you want creditor's to leave you alone.

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