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No Down Bankruptcy


Most of the bankruptcies we file don't require any up-front legal fees. The client only has to pay the Court fees, the credit bureaus for a credit report and for the on-line class. ($370 total for an individual, $390 for a couple)

But how much does it cost?  


The answer is without talking to you, I don't know.  Attorney fees may be the smallest part of the puzzle. I had one case where my client paid nothing -- all the cost was paid by the ex-spouse (involuntarily).  


The money stuff is all about the bottom line.  Given all the potential factors, which attorney is going to save you the most money?  


There are enough variables that I strongly recommend a FREE CONSULTATION and one of our attorneys can give you the specifics on the total overall cost and pros and cons of the different bankruptcy options available.

3 Causes Of Bankruptcy

I'm a psychic.  Not really, but seeing the same thing over and over again makes it an easy guess that anyone sitting across from me in the client chair has had at least one of three things happen to them.


1.  Lost Job or Income*


2.  Divorce or Domestic Problems*


3.  Health or Medical Issues*


*If you click on that little "More" button, I'll go into the three reasons in more detail, but if you are reading this, 100 to 1 odds that one of these three things have happened to you.  Like I said, I'm psychic.

How We Are Different
I Hate Paperwork


No one likes paperwork.  I hate paperwork, especially for my clients.  If you are paying our office to do your bankruptcy, then shouldn't we be the ones getting the 60 or 70 pages ready for the Court?  The standard practice for most attorneys is to give their clients a packet the size of War and Peace to fill out that is filled with questions like "Do you have a contingent or non-contingent interest in the estate of a decedent?"   Huh?  The conscientious client calls and asks.  The confused client might just ignore the question and not answer.  Either way it takes a lot of time and creates the possibility of error, confusion or mistakes.


I had a brilliant idea about fifteen years ago and my office has done it ever since.  First, we get the necessary supporting documents.  Then we have a real live person ask you the questions in language you can understand.  Simple, easy and accurate.


Click on Read More for the complete checklist.

Text Me Your Troubles


"My attorney never calls me back" is a common complaint. One complaint you never hear is "My attorney won't text me back."


801-513-FILE (3453) This is our office text number.  We text all of our clients.


Text has the benefit of getting right to the point, being instantaneous and the information is available to you when you want it to be, rather than wait for schedules to coincide, communication is ongoing and text based -- and most importantly in your pocket.



These People Are A Stock Photo -- Not My Clients


We work hard so that we have satisfied clients and we don't have to resort to posting stock photos of supposed clients on our website. I found this couple gracing the website of another bankruptcy office here in Utah.  A Google search  of the image showed them to be stock photos, not real people.     


Our office has been representing consumers in bankruptcy cases since before the turn of the century.  Oh, and we filed the first two cases in Utah in 2016.  So your choice -- stock photos or experience.



Are You a NINJA?

If you are a NINJA (No Income, No Job or Assets), then you may not need to even file.  Your NINJA skills will protect you without bankruptcy.  


If you are concerned feel free to set an appointment and we can tell you if you are safe.

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Effective August 1, 2017, the Chapter 13 Trustee in the State of Utah is changing where you can make payments on your case.

Go here for more information:

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